1614287_999245237653_87610141_oI have always been a storyteller.

It began when I was a kid, typing short stories on my Dad’s old typewriter, shooting funny videos with my friends. It continued in school, writing sports columns, editing pages, and calling play-by-play. And I put those skills to use as a professional reporter and anchor for TV, radio, print, and online. Through all of it, I had one goal: make a difference in the world with my skills.

(And would you believe it – those comedy home movies and silly short stories paved the way!)

Now, I am the Broadcast Coordinator for the Orange Media Network at Oregon State University, where I hope to help our student journalists achieve those same goals of using their talents to make a positive impact. On this site, I’ll share my thoughts on the challenges of young storytellers, tips on how to create pieces that connect with your audience, and ways to break into the business in TV, radio, print, and online.

Before coming to OSU, I worked as a television news journalist at KDRV in Medford, Ore. In my time there, I covered everything from wildfires to floods to economic problems and major elections. I wore many hats – reporter, anchor, producer, sports anchor, investigative reporter, community host, and play-by-play announcer. Prior to that, I worked as an announcer and host with Xable.com to cover the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. I was also a play-by-play announcer and reporter for Gonzaga University women’s and men’s basketball, Gonzaga baseball, West Coast Conference basketball, Spokane Riverhawks baseball, Greater Spokane League high school football, and others. I graduated from Gonzaga University with degrees in broadcasting and journalism, and while at Gonzaga I was the editor-in-chief of the Gonzaga Bulletin student newspaper, and a reporter for GUTV.

steven.sandberg@oregonstate.edu | Twitter

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