How I Got The Job: The Complete Stories (So Far)

I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have worked with so many talented people. The business of storytelling seems to attract a lot of good individuals, in a variety of different fields. I’m lucky to have worked alongside so many of them, and to be connected to so many others.

But what’s best about these people has been their willingness to go out of their way to help others. That’s never been more evident than in the past 28 weeks, when person after person came forward to share the stories of how they got their first job out of college.

When I approached these people about sharing their stories, my hope was to show my students at Oregon State University (and others reading this around the world) that the path to getting their first media job isn’t the same for everyone. But my concern was that people might not have been willing to be very open. The journey to a first job can be very difficult – with emotional low points, tense contract negotiations, and insider secrets. How many of these colleagues would be willing to give the honest truth?

Short answer: All of them.

Over the past six months, I never got a single rejection. In fact, many responded by saying they wished they’d had stories like these when they were first starting out.

As a result, How I Got the Job was born.

I’m sincerely grateful to all of those who have participated. You’ve been able to shine a light on the process of landing your first media job, and my hope is that students will take away your experiences and use them to get the job of their dreams.

And for those of you who are graduating seniors this year, pay attention: the How I Got the Job contributors showed the value of paying it forward. When you are off doing great things in the world with your skills, I hope you will continue the tradition of helping others find their own success.

How I Got the Job will likely slow down a little this summer, but it will pick back up again in the fall. In the meantime, go back and relive some of the amazing stories shared by people in all walks of multimedia.


Emily Wood

Justin Bourke

Whitney Clark

Molly Garrity

Kirstin O’Connor

Bryan Navarro

Christine Pitawanich

Erin Maxson

Ryan Pfeil

Ian Cull

Rob Scott

Sharon Ko


Stephanie Golson

Hannah Everman

Sarah Schueler

Wiley Post

News Photogs

Scott Perry

Evan Bell

Adam Thompson

Eric Carlton

Video Production

Reid Johnson

James Churchill

David Heil

TV News Production

Will Mahon

Pat Stumbaugh


Derek Kevra

Megan Parry

Sports Reporters

Lindsay Joy

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