Our Future Home

I am fortunate beyond words to be working with the Orange Media Network at Oregon State University. Not only did the job open up at the right time in my life, but everyone here – the staff, the students, the alumni – are so committed to the goal of helping train and guide media students.

From the moment I walked in the door on my first day, it seemed clear that being involved in OMN means something. That feeling is something I strive to impress upon every student who comes in –  the work being done here is important, the the experiences you share here are things you will take with you into your professional life.

I am also fortunate that OSU has recognized this, and are investing in the future of student media.

Later this year, OMN will be moving in to the fourth floor of the new Student Experience Center. The move comes with plenty of great things – new studios, state-of-the-art equipment, modern work spaces – but it also comes with the feeling that the hard work of students and staff is appreciated.

We recently took a tour of the SEC, and I shot this package about the experience. It was our first look at it. And it already feels like home.

We’ll see you in the spring, SEC.


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